Hole 1

Hole 1

This dog-leg to the right can be played two ways. A straight shot of 150-200yds down the fairway leaves a second shot into a green guarded by bunkers left and right. Alternatively a longer shot with a driver or fairway wood can be hit with a fade (that’s a moderate slice for the less skilled golfer!). However if you go too far either straight or left you can reach a plantation or even go out of bounds. Overdo the fade and you are in the trees right and may be blocked out.The choice is yours!

Hole 2

Hole Two

Ideally you hit a straight shot into this par-3 green which is well guarded by bunkers left and right. Unless the pin is at the very front of the green it is often better to be long than short.

Hole 3

Hole Three

A right angle dog-leg to the left involving a straight tee shot up to the elbow, followed by a longer second shot and a wedge or short iron into a green guarded by a bunker to the left side. Short cut the dog-leg from the tee at your peril! It is not easy to find the fairway but could allow you to reach the green in two. If you are playing the course for the first time then forget it!

Hole 4

Hole Four

A long uphill tee shot to a green guarded by bunkers front left and right. The rough far right is dense so play a provisional if you may be in it. There is a pond left of the green which gobbles up wayward shots.

Hole 5

Hole Five

A short-ish Par 4 but don’t be fooled by the high stroke index. You face a stream which crosses the fairway, followed by two ponds to left side, a central fairway bunker and there is dense rough left and a plantation right! If you find the fairway you have an uphill shot into the green with a bunker to the right. Long hitters have been known to drive the green.

Hole 6

Hole Six

A tee shot over the ditch onto the rolling fairway leaves a second shot best played toward the left side for a shot into the green which is extremely well guarded by a bunker left and by a pond and bunker right. Longer hitters may reach in two but the tee shot should favour the left side of the fairway. There is a long water hazard down the right side.

Hole 7

Hole Seven

At last a short-ish Par 3 but there is a bunker running full width across the approach to the green. Judgement of distance is paramount. There is a stream to the right and dense rough left of the fairway.

Hole 8

Hole Eight

A long Par 5 which few can reach in two and many will struggle to reach in three shots. Beware the two small trees to the left centre of the fairway; they have blocked many a second shot. There is a pond to the right of the green and bunkers left, right and behind. Don’t stray from the fairway, the rough on both sides can be terminal.

Hole 9

Hole Nine

A difficult hole with a ditch across the fairway and a pond to the left. Shorter hitters are advised to lay up short of the ditch leaving a second shot up short of a second pond and bunker directly in front of the green. A pitch onto the green leaves a chance of a Par. Longer hitters can clear the ditch and hit the green with their second shot. There is dense rough to the right of the fairway so hit a provisional if you cannot see your tee shot land.

Hole 10

Hole Ten

An intimidating hole requiring a long, straight tee shot favouring the left side of the fairway. Unless you are a gorilla, this leaves a long uphill second shot at a green guarded by a large tree in the centre-right of the fairway and bunkers left and right. A par on this hole feels like a birdie.

Hole 11

Hole Eleven

Another far from easy Par 3 hole with a pond and bunker to the left side and a bunker right. The ideal shot is a subtle draw. The horse paddock to the far right is OB.

Hole 12

Hole Twelve

A right angle dog-leg to the right. A straight tee shot is required between the large oak tree left and the clump of trees and ponds to the right. This leaves a 150yd downhill shot into a green guarded by bunkers left and right. If you can carry about 200yds you can definitely cut the corner by firing over the clump of high trees to the right. This will leave you a short pitch onto the green (or if you are a big hitter and guess the line, a putt) setting up a real birdie chance. Please ring the bell before you putt on the green.

Hole 13

Hole Thirteen

A tee shot through a narrow avenue of tall trees left and right over a stream which crosses the fairway leaves you a long to mid-range uphill shot into a green guarded by bunkers left and right.

Hole 14

Hole Fourteen

The ideal line for your tee shot is over the corner of the hedge toward a big tree on the horizon at the top of the hill. Anything too far right is OB. Hit too long in a straight line over the Ladies Tee and you can find yourself blocked out in a tree plantation. Too far left you risk finding a pond. Unless you are a long hitter the green will not be in range of your second shot, so play for the centre of the fairway. Ring the bell by the pond on the left on your way past. You will face an awkward shot into the green from a severely uphill lie with bunkers left and right.

Hole 15

Hole Fifteen

For many this is the signature hole at the Kent & Surrey. A downhill shot to an island green surrounded by a stream which flows out of a pond to the left. Trust me, the green looks huge when you are putting on it but tiny from the tee. The bunker to the left of the green is not in play (free drop) but the two to the right short and long are. Shorter hitters often opt to lay up short of the stream and chip on and may get a lower score than the foolhardy who hit wayward shots into the hazards!

Hole 16

Hole Sixteen

A straight tee shot is required avoiding the fairway bunger to the right and the GUR mound to the left. Longer hitters note that a ditch across the fairway may be within range. Your second shot to the green needs to avoid the pond on the right and a series of bunkers to the left.

Hole 17

Hole Seventeen

Another very tough Par 4. You need to hit your tee shot around 230-240 yards just short of the ditch which crosses the fairway (or past it if you can carry that far!) if you want to reach the green in two. This will leave you a long shot over a big pond directly in front of the green and needing to avoid greenside bunkers left and right. Mere mortals should lay up short of the pond with their second shots, pitch on and hope to single putt for their par.

Hole 18

Hole Eighteen

The last hole has a fairway bounded by water all down the left side and a tree plantation all down the right. Favour the right side of the fairway with your tee shot or you will be hitting your second over a tall oak tree on the left side. The green is guarded by a double bunker to the front right and another if you go long. There is also a bunker long left to catch wayward approach shots. The putting green behind the 18th is OB.

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